Program Ad Sizes and Prices

Full Page 5″x8″ – $580

1/4 Page Across 2″x5″ – $255

Half Page Across: 4″x5″ – $450

1/4 Page Vertical: 2.5″x4″ – $255

Half Page Vertical: 2.5″x8″ – $450

Inside Front or Back: $1,025

Back Cover: $1,250

Program Ad Requirements

Modesto Performing Arts submits its programs in electronic formats to its printers. For this reason, we require that all ads be submitted in digital formats. To ensure that your ad appears as you would like it to appear, please follow these guidelines.

Resolution: All files must be 600 dpi or higher. Lower resolutions result in poor quality. Avoid artwork taken from the internet or a website, since that is usually unsuitable for print.

Format: We recommend image files be submitted in EPS or TIFF format.

Color: All ads must be in grayscale/black and white. Our programs are only printed in black and white.

Fonts: All fonts should be embedded in the PDF file. If we have any difficulties resolving your fonts, a request for all font files may be made. If fonts are unavailable, suitable fonts will be substituted.

Hard Copy Proof: A hard copy print out is required for all digital ads. A black and white, laser-proof or faxed copy is sufficient to proof ad content only. We are not responsible for mistakes in production of an ad if legible hard copy is no supplied.

Additional Charges:

There will be no charge for digital ads meeting all specification. Any advertiser-submitted file that is not output-ready, requires scanning or layout, or does not meet our specifications could incur an additional charge for preparation.


Send any submissions or questions to Donna at