Auditions for our upcoming 2023 season.


Sunday, March 5, 2PM at the Central West Ballet Studios

Come and be a part of the revival of one of MPA’s most successful productions
in 54 years. It’s a lot of fun! And you’ll have a great time!

Are you interested in a role for one of our upcoming shows? Check out the cast character descriptions and see if there is a part for you.


Acting Auditions for speaking roles: Scenes from the show will be selected for
you to read
Dancing Auditions: You will be given a short combination
Singing Auditions: Bring your own 2-minute selection or we will teach you a
short song from the show. Adult Men (Miners/Cops) – no singing, acting, or
dancing audition required. Just come and sign up.

Character Descriptions

Billy Elliot – Already Cast

Jackie Elliot, dad – Already Cast

Jenny Elliot, dead mum – Already Cast

Tony Elliot, older brother, late teens – small bit of singing in one number.

Grandma – Already Cast

Michael Caffrey – Already Cast

Mrs. Wilkinson – Already Cast

Debbie Wilkinson, her daughter – mid teens – no solo singing

Mr. Braithwaite, piano accompanist – any age – minor singing in one number

George – Already Cast

Big Davey- adult, one of the miners – solo singing

Older Billy – Already Cast

Clipboard Lady – Already Cast

Lesley – Already Cast

Small Boy – very young – 6–8-year-old. Small role. No singing. Must be lifted onto a shoulder

Tall boy/Posh Boy – teen – must be tall!!

Posh Dad – one scene only – no singing (Can double as a miner/policeman)

Dancer Boy – teens – no solo singing

Ballet Girls – 9- 10 teen girls with ballet experience

Miners/Policemen – 12 adult (over18) men – no solo singing – you all sing together.

Women – 5 women – young to middle age – part of Ensemble – no solo singing

Billy Elliot 2023 Rehearsal Schedule



Sunday, March 12, 1PM at the Strut Dance Studios

Bob Wallace – lead role – singing, acting, dancing audition
Phil Davis – lead role – singing, acting, dancing audition
Betty Haynes – lead role – singing, acting, dancing audition
Judy Haynes – lead role – singing, acting, dance audition
General Henry Waverly – previously cast
Matha Waverly – singing (a belter), acting
Susan Waverly – belt voice, acting, no dancing
Ralph Sheldrake – acting, singing, no dancing
Rita and Rhoda – acting only – no singing/dancing
Ezekiel Foster – acting only, no singing/dancing
Mike – acting only – no singing/dancing (also Ed Sullivan announcer)
Tessie – acting, mezzo-soprano singing belter, no dancing (doubles as Assistant
Male/Female Ensemble – the singing and dancing chorus plus some acting roles and
background people

Acting Roles only no singing, dancing – but these roles could come from the

and you’d play both roles

Jimmy – proprietor of Jimmy’s backroom
Cigarette girl
Snoring man
Mrs. Snoring Man (can also double Seamstress)
Train Conductor
Dance Captain
Assistant Seamstress (doubles as Tessie)
Ed Sullivan – doubles as Mike] Regency Room announcer (off stage)
Sheldrake’s Secretary (off stage)

Acting Audition– you will be given a short scene to be read
Dancing Audition – you will be given a short combination
Singing Auditions – bring your own two minute singing selection. For character roles
who sing, we will teach you a short musical selection from the songs the character sings.



Character Descriptions

Bob Wallace – male 30-45 a major singing star – a guiding from behind the song and dance team of Wallace and Lewis; he wears his fame easily, but has some trouble with social and romantic interactions despite occasional gruffness, he is a deeply kind and principled man who is searching for true live; excellent singer with a crooning style who moves very well; tap and jazz

Phil Davis – 35-45, the fun-loving song and dance partner of the team Wallace and Davis; an irrepressible clown, operator, and incorrigible ladies’ man who is determined to see his friend happy even if it required scheming and outright deception. He has a boyish charm and sex appeal. Ballroom, jazz and tap dancing; baritone-tenor

Betty Haynes – 25-35 sensible, responsible half of the Haynes sisters act; classic elegance’ destined to be a star, but hesitant to take the spotlight, devoted to her sister; hides a yearning for true live under a protective shell; a quiet beauty and charm with a rich chest mix and soprano extension; moves well

Judy Haynes – 25-35 younger more ambitious and slightly scheming sister; wholesome and adorable, sexy and flirty; jazz and tap dance; singer with a chest mix

General Henry Waverly – 55-65 Retired Army general with a curmudgeonly military exterior adjusting to retired life in post WWII America; precise and orderly; struggling to run the inn in Vermont; a man on integrity; underneath a warm compassionate man in need of family and love

Martha Waverly – 45-65 once a Broadway star; nos the general’s housekeeper; the true force behind running the inn; very dry wit and frank with a wisecracking sense of humor; big hearted, but unsentimental, irrepressible meddler, believing she acts in everyone’s best interest. Broadway belter.

Susan Waverly – 9-18 the General’s granddaughter; lovable and outgoing; a bit precocious, but wise beyond her years; get bitten by the stage bug and is great at it – belt voice, moves very well

Ralph Sheldrake – 35-45 – jokester army buddy of Bob and Phil’s, now a major television executive; fast talking, loud, brash New York professional with a good head on his shoulders; doubles as a winter tourist.

Rita and Rhoda – 25-35 Bob and Phil’s two-star chorus showgirls, brash, sexy, fun – perhaps not the brightest

Ezekiel Foster – 45-55 – practical, the ultimate laid back New Englander; a man of few words; caretaker at the inn; takes life at a very leisurely pace – doubles as Train conductor.

Mike – 25-35 – Bob and Phil’s stage manager; can be overly dramatic and often hysterical but get the job done; works to attempt a sense of control and order for the company – doubles as Mr. Snoring man, winter tourist.

Tessie – 25-39 young character woman; Bob and Phil’s secretary; also Head Seamstress and Mrs. Snoring man / winter tourist. Mezzo-soprano belter

Male and Female Ensemble of Dancers – all ages – to play assorted speaking roles as well as being a strong singing ensemble; dances include ballroom, jazz, and tap – dance in the style of 1950s Hollywood musical style.