Upcoming Audition Dates

Audition Information and Dates Coming Soon!!

NOTE: If you are not familiar with a show, that’s OK – come anyway. No preparation needed! We’ll find a part for you. No problem!

General Requirements

Photo Credit: Ladybug Carma

Singing: If you are only interested in the ensemble you need not prepare anything. Just come! If you are auditioning for a singing solo character role, prepare a one minute vocal selection from musical theater. An accompanist will be provided. Bring sheet music. You must sing in the key written. Other audition songs may be taught at the time of the audition.

Dancing: Depending on the show, you may be asked to perform a short combination taught at the time of the audition.

Acting: You will read short scenes from the shows for various characters. Nothing to prepare. Readings will be done from selected scenes in the script.

Copies of show scripts are generally available at the reference desk at the county library.

School Credit

High School Students: You can receive five credits toward graduation for your participation in one of the shows.